Fly Fishing with Chris Dore

Your FFF Certified Fly Casting Professional, and Member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association

Client comments

"In the world of fishing, there are those that can cast, other’s that can fish and others who are great to spend time with. Seldom do these three come in one package like Chris Dore. Not only is Chris a great angler and caster but he’s a great guy with the patience and aptitude to improve any anglers skill and enjoyment level of this sport. All I can say is; if you get the chance to join Chris on a days guiding or a casting clinic then don’t miss it; your view of fly fishing will never be the same."

Rene Vaz

Former NZ Flyfishing Champion, Former Member of NZ Fly Fishing Team, and Managing Director Manic Tackle Project

"When Chris had a last minute cancellation and was able to guide my brother and I on a spur-of-the-moment trip - I suspected we'd gotten lucky. 

"Chris Dore is a rare talent.  Anyone who can handle my brother's 'hammer-n-collapse' cast and still get him stuck repeatedly into trophy-sized brown trout is nothing short of a miracle-worker. 

Chris, thanks for unflinchingly putting in the hard yards and showing a couple novices some amazing trophy trout fly fishing and stunning New Zealand scenery.  Your optimism is both contagious and relentless - I'm convinced the fish had no choice but to materialize in response to your sheer willpower…and not just that - you MADE them eat as well!  I truly hope we get to fish with you again.  You are the gold standard, in my opinion.  It's no surprise your season is booked before it even starts.

P.S.  Thanks for working the side-deal in advance to make sure I landed more and bigger fish than my "hack fisherman" older brother.  There's nothing quite like fair competition to deal with sibling rivalry! "


Jeff & Scott Heames
from Southern California


Back in Oz but I'm still seeing grey and brown smudges moving.  The last three days have been burnt into our retinal memory forever, with so many highlights:

·        Casting at double digit fish

·        The stunning landscapes of the high country

·        Hook ups (and the collective sighs of a drop)

·        Your endless patience

·        Landing plenty - or just enough to make us think we were improving

·        The colours on the browns and their natural beauty

·        England's victory over the ABs

·        Your (now) famous sandwiches and

·        Knowing that those fish will only get bigger until we get back next year - passport in hand!


A massive thanks for facilitating a truly special fishing trip."



Mark, TJ and John Adams

"Am back from Queenstown and damn it's hard to get back into work. Had 4 full days down there, 3 fishing and one chasing bambi. The weather, like the scenery, was spectacular. First stop was some casting tuition from Chris Dore, an hour VERY well spent ironing out some of my 25 years of self-taught water whipping. Can't recommend Chris highly enough - superb knowledge and ability for accuracy and distance etc techniques, and a really natural ability to communicate. I've seen other 'experts' giving people lessons and it's been drama. Not so with Chris, I'd never met him before and felt like I was learning from a mate I'd known for years, blardy brilliant"

 Dave Adams

Auckland, NZ

Two memorable days fishing with you on a couple of true Southern gems .With your on-going tips our casting improved out of sight, we can now laugh into the face of the wind. Your enthusiasm for all things fly fishing was infectious, and your extensive knowledge was an invaluable source of information to us as relative newcomers to fly fishing. Teaching Mark to Spey cast might prove costly though, as I might have to give it a go, another rod and reel !! Simply Chris,  a five star guide."


Helen Lowe (Big fish) & Mark Bleeker (With the bait)

"Hi Chris,

Well here I am back at home in the land of the pygmy trout after a month in NZ.

 This is just a short note to say thank you once again for a wonderful 2 days. I really enjoyed the time spent with you and the fishing.Your attention to detail and the easy way you guide your clients was wonderful to experience and I learned a lot.

 Those fish were dreams come true and I still visualize them and look at the photos too. Particularly that first brownie on a dry.

 May your business go from strength to strength!

 I’ll be back for more fishing in 2013!"



Pete McGregor

"Wow, photos loaded onto my iphoto, video reviewed and I don't even look stupid somehow, amazing work on your part! Thanks for a wonderful day in the backcountry, for great fishing, for amazingly efficient instruction, for being patient and for showing me some very special country and water.  It was so very nice to be out there and you could not have been better."

Mark Clapper

"Hi Chris! (Krista here),

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks again for the wonderful day we spent with you in Backcountry Southland.  Our friends are simply awed by, what I am calling officially as, "the big trout" photo that my Chris caught with your help!  Seriously, your help in catching this fish was awesome!  It was such a fun day that I will remember for a long time......Also, can't help but say thanks for giving me some much needed assistance in "how to cast in the wind".  Because of your excellent instruction, I was able to make some great casts the rest of the week when faced with gusting wind.  I won't forget your instructions and am ready for whatever the wind sends my way!  
Thanks again Chris and we send many people to your web site to look at our photo--very fun!"
Sincerely, Krista Campion

I have just spent three awesome days in Southland with Chris Dore and here is a quick report:

The rain started 15 mins before I landed, and we received the total sum of last Feb’s total rainfall over

the next 12-24 hours. The original plan was to throw on the backpacks and hike in to a river for 3 days

camping & fishing, but this was obviously no longer on the cards. Time to invoke plan B.


It goes to show that local knowledge in these conditions is GOLD. If anyone is looking for a brilliant

guide in the area, I cannot say enough good things about Chris Dore. We experienced massive rain and I

was fishing clear water for the entire 3 days, whilst other guides were cancelling and anglers stayed at

home. Chris went hard, put in the yards and taught me plenty. I will return!"

Darren Asquith

Untamed Fly Fishing


"My intention in going to NZ was to make some memories- so got a recommendation to use Chris Dore as a fishing guide.  The two days fly fishing with Chris was most defiantly the highlight of my Kiwi experience.   Being no expert fly caster I found Chris to be very knowledgeable on casting techniques as well as providing timely yet positive critique on how I could be more effective.   I also like the fact that he is rigorous, constantly checking the line for nicks or wind knots- everyone (except for the trout) would be disappointed if the big one broke off due to a nick or wind knot in the line.   Chris was also very patient and positive- he would happily and efficiently tie on a new fly if a sighted fish would not respond to the current offering.  I would estimate that he tied on over 50 flys during our two days of fishing.  At one point we had a line on a large rainbow  set in a difficult current.  We went after that fish for the better part of 40 mins, constantly changing offerings and trying different drifts- I was ready to give up on this fish when Chris tells me he wants to try one more approach, something 'outside of the square'.  That was the trick that got that lunker to bite.  Very satisfying indeed. "

Thanks again for the memories. (and the photos!)

Timothy Lombard

San Jose, CA


“Watching this...carefully.........STRIKE!”  - ahh music to my ears as I fly over the Tasman back to Melbourne! 

 Your website says how you handle the excitement is up to you – but I wasn’t quite prepared for the build up of stalking, spotting and targeting 4-6 lb wild brownies in crystal clear waters.   It was also incredibly rewarding learning new casting and presentation techniques.  With you on our shoulder offering advice and words of encouragement, my dad & I never doubted we were always in with a chance.   Thanks again for helping create such a memorable 2 days for my dad & I to talk about for years to come... that is unless we come back next year!"


Geoff Hill

Melbourne, Au

"Hi Chris
Thanks again for a terrific week. You're a great guy and everything a guide should be. One of the best! I came away feeling like I had learned a hell of a lot. Look forward to fishing with you yet again.
Take it easy"
Kym Goldsworthy
Sydney, AU


"Thank you for a superb day out fishing plus!
The photographs are superb, and I already have one on my desk top- guess which one!
Shelley and I greatly appreciate your professional and personable guidance through the day.
It was wonderful to experience such surroundings and we both found the occasion very
relaxing and a excellent template for enjoying the great out doors. Shelley has warmed
enthusiastically to your wife's idea of a chair, a bottle of wine and a good book by the river!
The only concern is that I will have to carry her out!
I still can not get over the fact that on the first occasion of having a trout rod in my hand
I catch a 4 lb wild brown trout!
It is my intention to come down  in 2011 and hire your services again but don't worry it will be later in the year
giving you time to recover from dealing with the Auckland novice!"

warm regards

Mark Jones

Auckland, NZ


"Hey Chris,

I wanted to thank you again for a couple of great days fishing. I learned a tremendous amount, and had a great time.
I've fished with guides through much of the western states here in the USA. You are as gifted a guide as any I've fished with. You've got all the info on the rivers, fish, and surrounding areas, which made our days educational and entertaining. Your casting instruction sure came in handy when the wind kicked up on Saturday. Beyond the usual, the thing that impressed me most was your ability to spot the fish in the water. I've been fishing for most of my life, and I would have missed most of the fish you saw. There is no question your eyes and instincts put us on to more fish than I would have gone after in two weeks of fishing alone. Thank you.

I'll be back, will be in touch, and look forward to going after the ones I missed.
All the best in 2010"

Mike Tadlock

San Francisco Bay Area

Hey Chris. I wanted to thank you again for four awesome days of fishing. You are truly a fishing guide extraordinaire – great fish sighting skills, the frequent fly changes and tippet checks, all of the patient coaching, a great photographer, and just your unwavering enthusiasm.  The day on that special river I’ll remember for a long time – I cant believe I caught so many fish of that size! Great Stuff!"

Russ Willeke

Minnesota, USA

"Chris is by far the best guide I have ever fished with. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable, very patient and modest. Chris got me into some great fish, but more importantly he taught me more about tactics and techniques for trout fishing in two days, than I had learned on my own in several years. If you're looking for a top quality experience with a fantastic guide fishing the South Island, Chris is the right choice without a doubt."

Tyler Van Fleet
Klamath Falls, Oregon

“I had the fortune of choosing Chris Dore as a guide and the pleasure of fishing with him for 2 days in Southland in January 2009. It was without doubt two of the most enjoyable days' fishing I have ever experienced. Chris was the complete package - an outstanding guide: knowledgeable, enthusiastic and an utter expert, but he was also modest, good humoured, patient and excellent company. I recommend Chris absolutely and without hesitation and would seek his services again on any future trip to NZ.”

Adam Nettleton, Melbourne, Australia

"Given that I only had one day to spend on the water, I wasn't sure what our chances were of sighting and landing some nice fish - I can only say that with Chris' guidance, that single day became one that I will never forget.  Chris is an incredibly knowledgeable and capable guide.  He put us on some fantastic fish immediately and throughout the day.  Chris was able to give me some valuable casting tips to improve my abilities.  Beyond the fishing talk, Chris was a great source of local knowledge and was able to point us to some great pubs and restaurants in town.  His encouragement, patience and genuine enthusiasm kept me motivated to keep working for some pretty tough fish - which paid off in the end!"

Carl Vonnegut, Boston, MA USA

So you get the message... For further references simply google me, or go in and ask about me at your local fishing club or fly shop - chances are they know of me. I look forward to talking with you soon. Chris Dore.