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The New Scott Centric 905 Fly Rod

Posted by Chris Dore on September 21, 2020 at 7:00 PM

There are already many great reviews available online extolling the technology loaded into the new Scott Centric fly rod, and so I see little need to go into great detail on another. My advice is you should simply go and try one for yourself and take your wallet. You'll soon want one.

It has been seven years since Scott put the feel into fast action fly rods with the groundbreaking and award winning Radian, and with a further seven years of technological advances, just as many other companies are only just catching up they have done it again with the new Scott Centric. The Centric doesnt make the Radian any less of a rod, it simply again raises the standard for modern, fast action fly rods.

The one thing that immediatly struck me was the ease of changing direction throughout the cast. Effortlessly pick up the backcast from one direction and send it out straight, confidently and accurately in another. The ease of loading and effortless line speed the Centric generates certainly raises the bar yet again. It loads at 20' as easily as at 60' showing great range, and while the rod tip provides ample protection for lighter leaders, it responds truly with enough power and accuracy to throw short to medium presentations off a relatively closed stroke.

Exceedingly smooth. Exceptionally light. Effortlessly fast.

Is this an all round trout rod? No, because there simply isnt one. However with the new taper designs, precise fibre placement and densities allowed by Scotts groundbreaking resin system they are closer than ever to knocking that title off.

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