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Airflo Forge Flyline Review

Posted by Chris Dore on June 5, 2018 at 7:50 PM

The Airflo Forge is the silent weapon, and a worthy addition to your stable.

With a heritage shared by the popular Platinum Chalkstream and Superdri Backcountry, the Forge is a price pointed flyline packing premium performance.

More on the aggressive side than the Elite presentation taper, the Forge delivers a non ridged, general purpose taper capable of supurb accuracy with those little dries we all love to throw, yet will bowl over a big stonefly or double tungsten nymph without a second thought.

With a 40' head including an 8' front taper, and 7' rear boasting superb turnover, not to mention the benefits of Airflos Superdri technology, you have a higher floating, low maintenance line which will stay buoyant for longer, with durability and performance unmatched by plastic PVC lines.

Notes from Dore.

"A durable, high floating guide line, or line for those who switch scenarios daily between smaller waters requiring accuracy and presentation, to brawling backcountry rivers where long leader turnover is king. The two tone colourway from the sweet Olive head to the hi viz yellow running line lets you know where the head ends, and allows clients to nail the sweet carry length for turning over at distance every time. Throw in the reliability and performance of Airflos Superdri coating and you have a winner that wont break the bank."

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