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Attention Kiwi Anglers - Invest In Yourself

Posted by Chris Dore on August 24, 2021 at 3:05 PM

"Having a multi day guided trip with Chris Dore turned out to be the best decision Ive ever made. In the four days, I learnt so much and it made me realise how many rivers require different approaches, strategies and techniques to be successful,  and what we as anglers need to do, to be successful on these exciting but tricky waters."

Shaun Bradley, Auckland

With the borders open to just selected countries for the forseeable future you are now presented with a unique opportunity to get out and explore your own backyard and all that comes with it, without the crowds. Make the most of this once in a lifetime opportunity by learning from Chris, one of New Zealands most referenced fly fishing guides and certified casting instructors. Explore new waters. Learn new techniques. Realize new experiences. Invest in yourself.

"Working with Chris, although we have all fished for many years, always lifts our knowledge to another level - what he does out of habit and instinct we do infrequently – so his knowledge working for us bridges the skill gap."

Clive Anderson, Canterbury

Sick of struggling in tougher conditions or watching as others always catch all the fish? To find out more, and what Chris can do to better your own enjoyment of the river visit

"Chris is a hard-working, organised person and very personable. He has a very clear plan for each the day - he is there for you and for you to have an amazing experience. My fishing has improved significantly since, especially my poresentations, how I approach the river and what I am looking for."

Mike Nansett, Wellington

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