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Top 10 articles as viewed in 2020

Posted by Chris Dore on December 30, 2020 at 4:00 PM


Congratulations. We made it. 2020 is all but behind us and while for most it was a bitch of a year, we all came through hopefully stronger, better and more determined.


On the final day of 2020 I thought we would look back at the top 10 articles as viewed on this year past. There are also around 400 instructional entries here on this blog so no doubt whatever you wish to know is right here under the search button. So sit back, enjoy and all the best for 2021



1.  Lockdown lessons

Fly casting tutorials from the depths of lockdown.


2. Kiwi nymphing


3. Dealing with the wind

The NZ essential


4. Matching the hatch

Your guide to the Mataura


5. Tailing loops

Wind knots and how to avoid them


6. Better nymphing

Up your nymph game


7. Ten tips for visiting nz

An essential read


8. Improving your haul

Because most people just aren’t doing it right


9. Hotspots

Fly tying to get noticed


10. Distance Schmistance

Why its important to have a longer cast in your arsenal, even if you rarely use it.



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