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And we're off!

Posted by Chris Dore on October 3, 2020 at 6:15 PM

The 2020 season is a few days underway and while we havent had the best of conditions following the heavy snowstorm earlier in the week and severe winds across the weekend, the fishing has indeed been hot. Now's your chance to get out there and experience something new. Take advantage of the availaity of our Professional NZPFGA guides' experience and knowledgebase and invest in yourself!

Even in tough conditions, time spent watching can often reveal where the fish lie.

Harry with a fit brown spotted feeding tight to the bank.

Working water. This fish would only show himself for fleeting glances, such was his camoflague and the ever changing light.

Brent learnt to control the rod quickly once we had him focusing on keeping the face of the reel in plane throughout the cast.

How was YOUR opening?

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