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Brendons Casting Clinic

Posted by Chris Dore on August 10, 2018 at 12:10 AM

Casting with Brendon. I dont usually go into a personal 90 minute session with a plan and even wing talks / group sessions depending on what they respond best to. We may cover a lot of ground or stick with one or two main focus points depending on how the student progresses. We usually begin with the student throwing a few overhead casts and go from here. These are the take-home bulletpoints from our lesson with Brendon, who adapted bloody well to longer leaders, changes in distance and wind position.


Brendons casting notes 3/6

Key advice:

Focus on your tracking ( remember the 180 degree rule on both overhead, and roll cast ), and pulling the rod butt through to a late squeeze. “Accelerate”!

* Tracking drill. Keep the shoulders steady and hand straight. Cast along a straight line such as the rugby field

* Grip on the rod. Hold it lower down to counterbalance the reel with the heel of the hand. Elbow low, but relaxed by your side. Relax the hand throughout the stroke, squeezing only to stop the rod.

* 5 essentials: Bill Gammell

* Straight Path of the Rod Tip

* Variable Casting Arc ( the slice of pie )

* Acceleration. Start slow, finish fast

* Pause ( loop presents hard - too short. Loop flies high and fly parachutes to the water - too long )

* Eliminate that slack line

* Relax!!! Relax the hand, elbow and shoulders. Stretch if you feel tight, rest if you feel sore. Make a coffee / cup of soup to rest with a purpose.

* Distribute weight on your back foot to maybe ease the back pain. Reconsider the type of vest you use and distribute weight maybe to the hips.

* Hand to forehead on the cross shoulder cast

* Present your backcast for longer, cross body casts - finger on top. Angle the ‘away cast’ upwards and the presentation cast down

* Elliptical cast ( sidearm backcast / overhead forward cast ) for tailwinds, heavy flies

* Straight Tracking and late squeeze for headwinds. Short backcast and low forward cast.

* Pile cast slack line presentation for slack down by the leader - low backcast, high, checked forward cast. Throw this off an elliptical cast to reduce tails

* Reach mend. Stop rod high and slip maximum line. Keep it smooth and you sweep the rod right, or left.

* Finally casting on multiple planes. False cast three times on each plane before tipping the rod out.

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