Fly Fishing with Chris Dore

Your FFF Certified Fly Casting Professional, and Member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association

Invest in Yourself. 2021. The season of opportunity

With the borders still closed for the foreseeable future to all but Australia, New Zealanders and our Trans Tasman neighbors are in the unique position to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. While I will certainly miss my many friends and international clients this season who really have become like family over the years, now is the time for the local Kiwi angler, NZ curious Australian, or those who have always wanted to try fly fishing to get out onto our uncrowded waters and try something new.

Have you wondered how others always seem to catch the lions share of fish?

Have you wanted to learn different approaches to your own home water?

Have you ever asked yourself, do I need all this gear, or do I need that? What does it do and are there better ways I can put it all to use?

Have you wanted to catch a fish on a fly you have tied yourself but always thought that fly tying looks far too complicated?

Have you ever wanted to cast that little bit further, make that presentation a little bit gentler, or learn how to make that Nor Wester a little less bothersome?

Have you wanted to experience new waters but haven't wanted to leave the comfort of those you know?

Or have you simply wanted to explore the New Zealand back country but were hesitant go too far from home by yourself?

Chris can help...

As a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor and member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association Chris is both internationally qualified and holds all the necessary concessions, insurances and adheres to the highest of health and safety requirements to get you out onto the river and into our backyard.
More than that, you have likely learnt from Chris' many instructional writings over the past two decades through many outdoors publications, online magazines and the Manic Tackle Project website. You may have seen him at one of the many presentations, fly casting clinics, fishing club nights and events at which he has appeared or simply have bumped into him on the river. Time with Chris is always, very well spent.

As well as our premium guiding services Chris also offers fly casting lessons, fly tying tuition, overnight back country experiences and essential outdoors skills. A day on the river with Chris is not really about watching indicators and catching lots of fish, but working off your existing skillset and knowledge, building on this and introducing new tactics, techniques and mindset to help you get more enjoyment on the river wether measured by fish in the net, confidence and competence, or the ability to share and teach your newfound experience with others.

You may wish to read the water better, or turn up at a new river and feel confident of finding fish there. You may like to be able to better adapt to the conditions on the day, choose the right flies and be able to put them where needed no matter the wind. These are just some of the skills you will become comfortable with throughout a day or three with Chris.

Now is also the perfect time to get your partner, or children into the outdoors and with Chris' easy going, patient nature and extensive teaching experience, learning to fly fish has never been more accessible. Take the stress out of getting your family involved and let Chris help them get off to the right start.

Just as we have all had to adapt this past year, so has Chris, and his fun focused 'get out there and do it' attitude will ensure that you get more enjoyment out of your precious time outdoors moving forward. Contact him now to open the lines of communication and begin YOUR investment in YOURSELF.