Fly Fishing with Chris Dore

Your FFF Certified Fly Casting Professional, and Member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association

Winter options




 Visiting Queenstown for a winter ski getaway? Chris can provide options from short, high value casting tutorials or a couple of hours fishing local water, through to a full day of big river trout chasing. Check it out.



 Fly Fishing

 There are a number of interesting winter time options for the outdoorsman visiting Queenstown. Join Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Casting Instructor, and NZPFGA member, Chris Dore for a day on a local lake, a few hours at a rivermouth or let him introduce you to the art of Double Handed fly fishing.


River Fly fishing

The Clutha river provides some stunning nymph and streamer fishing to rival NZ's finest winter time fisheries. Let Chris introduce you to this gem and employ nymph and streamer techniques to hook up to some hard fighting winter rainbows.

$750 NZD (Trips average 7 hours pick up to drop off).



Introduction to Double Handed fly fishing

 Chris' exclusive local niche. Double Handed rods are a great way to get big flies deep, and open up the potential of our larger rivers. Let Chris introduce you to the art of Spey casting on the renowned, big-water rainbow trout fishery of the Upper Clutha.

Using 11’ two-handed Switch rods set up with Pacific Northwest / Skagit line systems, Chris will introduce you to the fundamentals of spey casting, and effective techniques to maximize the potential of large water fisheries.

The skills you will learn are readily transferable to any big water fishery, such as NZ’s famed Tongariro river, or the large, braided waters of the Canterbury region, as well as the winter steelhead waters of Canada, the United States and BC. Spey techniques can also be introduced to your every day single handed fly fishing endeavours, improving casting efficiency and adaptability for multiple situations.

Trips average around 7 hours from pick up to drop off..

$750 NZD



Rivermouth Action

Floating lines, sinking lines, sink tips, streamer techniques, double - nymph retrieve, static nymph or loch style. Rivermouth fishing provides the opportunity to employ a wide variety of techniques as we chase the brown and rainbow trout which congregate around our winter rivermouths of the larger, southern lakes.

Trips can be tailored to suit your timeframe from adventures of but a couple of hours through to a full day visiting a variety of locations

Pricing begins @ $300 NZD for one hours fishing then $150 NZD per hour thereafter

$750 for a rivermouth safari (average 7 hours pick up to drop off)




Smaller Stillwaters

Stalk the weedbeds and drop offs of our smaller, productive winter lakes. Sight fish on the brighter days, or retrieve nymphs and smaller streamers across the prolific weeedbeds for the opportunity to engage a stunning, winter time trout. Trips average 6 hours from pick up to drop off.

$750 NZD





Fly Casting Clinics

Want to brush up on your skills? Check out Chris fly casting tutorials. Groups or individuals, beginner or advanced angler, Chris is Queenstowns ONLY resident certified fly casting instructor. One on one tuition from $150 NZD per 90 minute block

Go Hunting with Southern Lakes Hunting Guides

 Need a break from the snow? Wether a multi day stalk for the trophy of a lifetime or an afternoon popping bunnies, Taz and Anthony at Southern Lakes Hunting Guides are the locals who can get you amongst it. Thar, Chamois, Red Stags, Fallow Bucks, Goats or Rabbits. Check out for more information on their services.




Who says there is no winter fishing in the South? Contact Chris for an exhilarating break from the Snow!