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Dealing with Dull Days

Posted by chrisdore on December 15, 2016 at 8:15 PM

On rainy, or cloudy days visibility wont be great on our wider riverbeds and on many waters in fact. With summer kicking in and fish populations dropping back to the larger waters, you really want to target your fish rather than pitching blind... Here's what you can do to keep on sighting when the weather closes in...


1: pick a river with a willow, bush or hillside backdrop to help break the glare. Often this is all you need.


2: wear good eyewear. I favour the lense quality of Maui Jim's to look after my eyes for long hours, day after day. The HCL Bronze colour is probably the most versitile lense for most conditions excelling in low light, bright skies and general NZ work. You may pay more for Mauis but you get what you pay for.


3: move slower. Find the absolute best of the water, position yourself so you get a good view, and then wait... let the fish reveal themselves.


Forget about the water you struggle to see into and just focus on the most likely spots. Because scanning a whole river in glarey conditions is just plain exhausting, and you dont want to miss the one off flicker of a tail after a tough day


Get some...


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