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At The Bench - Green Caddis

Posted by chrisdore on November 29, 2016 at 11:35 PM

First step, grab a bloody good beer. Today its the Garagista IPA from Garage Project.


Now to the fly. The wee Green Caddis is always a top producer for me and handy when the fish have seen far too many mayfly patterns presented less than good enough.


Imitating the Hydropsyche, this is abundant in most rocky trout-streams from your lowland local to your secret wilderness gem. They are exceptionally resilient to floods and big enough and colourful enough for trout to love... best of all, this pattern takes 2 minutes to tie...


Hook: Kamisan B110 14 and 16

Head: Black tungsten bead

Collar: black Laser dub or similar

Body: Olive Seal fur

Note: add a thread hotspot if you want, either a few wraps behind the bead or at the butt.


Get in there!

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